AMAZON Career Choice Privacy Notice

1 Introduction and scope

In this AMAZON Career Choice Privacy Notice (“Notice”) we describe how AMAZON and its affiliates as outlined below (“AMAZON” or “we”) treat the Personal Data of employees (“Employees” or “you”) who register for the AMAZON Career Choice Program ("Career Choice") and apply for respective financial support on the Career Choice Internet Platform ("Platform"). By using the site, you signify your acceptance of this Notice as amended from time to time.

2 Who is the Controller?

The data controller with respect to the processing of your Personal Data is Inc., having its registered office at P.O. Box 81226, Seattle, WA 98108-1226, USA ("Data Controller").

Moreover, if you are employed by another AMAZON company or subsidiary, this entity ("Co-Controller") is responsible for the processing of your Personal Data together with the Data Controller. To identify your employing AMAZON entity, please refer to your employment contract with AMAZON. Additional users of your Personal Data in connection with Career Choice ("Co-Controller") are identified below.

3 Collection of your Personal Data

AMAZON collects the following personal data about you (hereinafter jointly referred to as “Personal Data”):

  • Identification data (name, birth date, AMAZON login, AMAZON badge ID, address, phone number and email address, financial information, IP address);
  • Job data (job title, job level, job code, employee type, payroll status, supervisor); and
  • Career Choice data (school name, class/course, start and end date of class/course, schedule, academic records, achieved certificates, tuition support documents, program completion, job transition).

4 How We Process your Personal Data

The AMAZON Career Choice Team ("Team") and the AMAZON HR Shared Services ("ERC") team will support Employees participating in Career Choice.

Your registration on the Platform and applications for tuition support will be reviewed and approved by ERC based on eligibility requirements set by AMAZON as detailed on the Platform. Eligible Employees may pursue approved fields of study as listed on the Platform. Except where education provider requirements differ, AMAZON will coordinate direct payment with the education provider of approved programs up to the AMAZON-approved annual contribution limit. In cases where third-party payment is not possible, your participation may require direct payment to the education provider to be reimbursed by AMAZON up to the annual contribution limit. Any charges above the maximum annual contribution as defined on the Platform are your responsibility.

In order to process these benefits, the Team and the ERC may collect and store information relating to your participation in an educational program, including dates of attendance, academic progress, and employment outcomes. AMAZON retains information about participation and completion of Career Choice programs as part of its personnel records. The Team also surveys participating Employees to collect information about Employees’ experiences with Career Choice for the purpose of program improvement. The survey processes Personal Data such as IP addresses, logins, and names, as well as voluntary feedback provided by you regarding program experience, program completion, barriers to program completion, job transition, or other feedback as requested by survey questions.

5 Purposes of Collecting Personal Data

AMAZON collects and uses your Personal Data for the following purposes:

  • Determining whether you are eligible for Career Choice;
  • Processing your registration and application;
  • Granting tuition/financial support;
  • For administrative purposes; verification and documentation purposes;
  • Informing you, via email, about the progress of your application and to provide you with further information that you are requesting regarding the status of Career Choice;
  • Protecting our rights and fulfilling our legal obligations;
  • Determining what other support to provide Employees to eliminate barriers and help towards career progress;
  • Determining whether you have transitioned to a new job on your chosen field of study, as a result of taking classes via Career Choice.
  • Providing you via email or notifications with information about events and resources related to Career Choice.
  • Sharing your information with Employer, Recruiting and Coaching partners who may contact you to offer support services related to your education or job search.
  • Determining your enrollment status, academic progression, credit attainment, and/or your status with the third party entities.
  • Evaluating education provider performance.
  • Identifying and testing program enhancements and improvements.

6 Sources of your Personal Data

Much of the Personal Data we process is obtained from you, but we may also obtain Personal Data about you in the course of your participation in Career Choice from schools, program coaches, hiring partners, and other partners supporting the program.

7 Disclosure and transfer of your Personal Data

AMAZON shares your Personal Data:

  • With employees of AMAZON only on a need-to-know basis for the purposes as described in chapter 5 above, including:
    • Following completion of your registration on the Platform for Career Choice and application for tuition support, the information that you have uploaded will be made available to the Data Controller and the Co-Controller as set out in chapter 3 above;
    • The team as set out in chapter 5 above as a data processor (employees of Data Controller and Co-Controller); and
    • ERC as set out in chapter 4 above;
  • With AMAZON third party cloud service provider, Inc. ("Salesforce"), who hosts the Platform in the USA on behalf of AMAZON as a data processor; and
  • With AMAZON third party service provider Qualtrics, who hosts the Personal Data in connection with the survey.
  • AMAZON-partner Schools, Employers, Recruiters, and Coaches may contact you to offer support services related to your education or job search. You can adjust your contact preferences at any time in your Career Choice Profile page.

8 Retention Period

We store your Personal Data in accordance with AMAZON Retention Policies.

9 Security

AMAZON has taken appropriate technical, physical and organizational measures in order to protect your Personal Data in its custody or control from loss, theft, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, copying, accidental or unlawful destruction and any other unlawful forms of using.

10 Changes to this Notice

AMAZON may update this Notice from time to time and use of the Personal Data we collect now is subject to the Notice in effect at the time of use. Whenever AMAZON make a change, we will post the updated policy at this site and we encourage you to check our Notice periodically. By using our site following the posting of a change in the Notice, you consent to the updated Notice.