1. What is the Amazon Career Choice program?

Career Choice is an education benefit that empowers employees to learn new skills for career success, at Amazon or elsewhere. We offer a range of options including fully-funded college tuition, foundational skills, and career certificates to meet learners where they are on their career path.

2. What’s new with Career Choice?

In 2022, we’ve announced several additions to the program.
  • Increased Options: Employees can choose from a wider range of education offerings including high school completion/GED, English as a Second Language (ESL), and bachelor’s degrees, in addition to the previously offered associate degrees and certificates.
  • Fully Funded Opportunities: Up to an annual maximum benefit, Amazon will pre-pay 100% of tuition for employees to pursue everything from bachelor’s degrees to certificates.
  • Limitless Learning: As long as eligible employees work at Amazon, they can continue to take advantage of the Career Choice benefit with no lifetime limit.
  • Fast Starts: U.S. blue badge hourly employees (including part-time) will become eligible for Career Choice after 90 days of continuous employment, rather than 12 months.

3. Are these updates available globally?

For now, these changes have only launched in the U.S. We have different partners and employee education priorities across the globe, and we will continue to explore potential changes to our global offerings.

4. How can employees apply?

Eligible employees can explore program offerings, network schools, and apply to the Career Choice program by logging in at www.AmazonCareerChoice.com.

5. How are classes delivered?

Career Choice will continue to partner with pre-approved schools. These schools offer programs online, at their campuses, and/or at Amazon facilities. Eligible employees can choose the program that is most convenient for them.

6. When will Career Choice classrooms be back in use?

Career Choice classroom usage and activities have resumed, and employees can find classes at their site by visiting www.AmazonCareerChoice.com. These activities remain subject to local COVID-19 policies regarding social distancing and room occupancy requirements. Our Workplace Health and Safety team is continuously reviewing these procedures to ensure the safety and well-being of all Amazonians.

7. Do employees have to complete studies within a specific time-frame?

The flexibility of our program allows active employees to pursue their goals at their own pace, taking as much or as little time to complete their program as their schedule allows. Employees are eligible to enroll in classes as long as they are employed at Amazon.

8. Can an employee enroll with any education provider?

Career Choice has a rigorous selection process for schools to join our approved network of education partners. Employees can explore schools in their local area by visiting www.AmazonCareerChoice.com.